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We are Emarsys, an SAP company

At Emarsys, we work as one. With the power of SAP behind us, we bring more value to our customers, partners, and employees than ever before. 

Our mission

Emarsys empowers marketers around the world ​to create truly personalized omnichannel experiences that deliver business outcomes.


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Joanna Milliken Ceo Emarsys 

“At Emarsys, we work as one. We succeed by empowering our customers and transforming marketers into heroes. We innovate and succeed together, achieving more than what is possible alone. And now with the power of SAP behind us, we’re realizing more opportunities and bringing more value to our customers than ever before. ”

Our people and our values

We Love Customers

We love customers 

Customers are our lifeblood – the reason for our existence. There’s nothing better than having a happy customer, and nothing worse than a dissatisfied one. 

We Always Innovate

We always innovate 

We think outside the box — from products to processes, procedures to our physical space, and in all walks of life. This applies not only to management, but to every individual, to initiate, strive to innovate, and improve by developing creative ideas into revolutionary results. 

We Embrace Tomorrow

We embrace tomorrow 

We need to be faster, better, and change at a pace quicker than our industry. We cease to exist when we stop evolving and embracing change as the opportunity it is. 

We Are One

We are one 

We succeed together, and we work together as one team to solve challenges. We communicate openly and directly; we confront and overcome problems rather than ignoring them. 

We Are Passionate

We are passionate 

We believe in what we do, we take a firm opinion on what we believe is right, and we ensure that our passion is directed towards creating value for our customers. 

We Never Settle

We never settle 

We do not settle for “OK” or “good” — we want great; we want the best. We do not cut corners, but instead, work to guarantee great delivery of every product. 

Our leadership team


Joanna Milliken

Joanna Milliken

Chief Executive Officer

Mohamad Awada

Mohamad Awada

Chief Services Officer

Thomas Harris

Thomas Harris

Chief Revenue Officer

Enrico Eczko

Enrico Eczko

Chief Finance Officer

Dr Stefan Koerner

Dr. Stefan Körner

Chief People Officer

Byron Pitney

Byron Pitney

Chief Technology Officer

Sara Richter

Sara Richter

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr Stefan Wenzel

Dr. Stefan Wenzel

Head of Product

We Re Hiring

We’re hiring! 

We prize innovation, collaboration, and people who embrace tomorrow. If you’re ready to join a leading marketing technology company that values diversity, rewards results, and encourages a healthy work/life balance, we’d love to hear from you. 

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