Hero Strategies And Tactics

Strategies and Tactics

Increase time to value with best-practice marketing campaign templates

Take the heavy lifting out of omnichannel campaign execution with pre-built, fully customizable automations, crowdsourced from the world’s most innovative brands, and tied to your marketing strategies.

Deliver next-level automated journeys and marketing campaigns with speed and agility

Building sophisticated, high-performing marketing campaigns that deliver true 1:1 personalization at scale is a time-consuming task. Our pre-built marketing automation tactics improve agility and accelerate time to value, helping you meet strategic objectives such as increasing average order value and encouraging repeat purchase.

Automation Center Automate Capability

Save time planning and executing campaigns with 100+ pre-built marketing automations

Crowd Sourced Knowledge Capability

Deploy industry-specific marketing journeys and lifecycle use cases based on crowd-sourced expert knowledge

Strategies Tactics Capability

Easily adapt templates to business objectives with quick-to-deploy, fully customizable tactics

01 Strategies And Tactics Access Pre Built Strategies And Tactics

Access pre-built Strategies and Tactics

Remove manual effort from omnichannel campaign creation. Powered by AI and optimized using insights from deep industry knowledge, our Strategies and Tactics provide the guidance and inspiration you need to quickly deploy automation programs proven to drive business outcomes like growth, retention, loyalty, revenue, and more.

02 Strategies And Tactics Activate Embedded Partner tactics Out The Box 

Activate embedded partner tactics out-the-box

Unlock additional value, revenue streams, and innovation with best-in-class 3rd party integrations directly within Emarsys. Access pre-built marketing tactics from Technology Partners that package data, segments and channels together to deliver personalized omnichannel campaigns that accelerate growth and time to value.

03 Strategies And Tactics Unlock Endless Customizations And Personalization Potential

Unlock endless customizations and personalization potential

Choose and launch pre-built campaigns that can be used as is or as a jumping-off point for complex automation journeys — all without the need for IT input. All tactics are fully customizable to fit your business objectives, meaning the pre-built flows are just the beginning of your sophisticated marketing potential.

03 Strategies And Tactics Measure The Impact Of Your Marketing Automations

Measure the impact of your marketing automations

Emarsys helps remove ambiguity from marketing reporting by allowing you to track the performance of specific tactics across multiple channels and see how those tactics are contributing to your overall strategic objectives.

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