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Direct Mail Automation

Connect print and digital to maximize reach and ROI

Combine online and offline data to deliver 1:1 personalized direct mail that drives omnichannel engagement and predictable, profitable revenue.

Unleash the power of 1:1 personalized direct mail, fueled by cross-channel customer data

Although offline engagements are highly impactful, direct mail can be costly and often lacks the personalization of digital experiences. By automating direct mail campaigns, optimizing send lists, and leveraging transactional and behavioral data from Emarsys, you can send personalized mailers that deliver business outcomes, such as making a second purchase, preventing churn, or reactivating non-responsive customers.

Direct Mail Cross Omni Channel Channel

Connect direct mail to every channel

Eliminate Remove Error Channel

Eliminate manual labor and human error

Revenue Targets Improve Increase Capability

Achieve 4-10% conversion rates

Grow Increae Money Solution

Increase ROI of direct mail

01 Direct Mail Use Data To Fuel Direct Mail Personalization

Use data to fuel direct mail personalization

Increase engagement and drive conversion with personalized direct mail campaigns, powered by integrated first-party data. Emarsys unifies customer, product, and sales data to enrich customer profiles which can be used to personalize direct mail campaigns with loyalty vouchers, product recommendations, special offers and more.

02 Direct Mail Power Your Direct Mail Automations With Partner Integrations 

Power your direct mail automations with partner integrations

Seamlessly integrate physical mailings into your omnichannel marketing. With our direct mail integrations, Emarsys customers can add print marketing as automated touchpoints to their customer journeys, driving awareness, engagement and conversions.

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03 Direct Mail Drive Omnichannel Engagement With Direct Mail Marketing Automation 

Drive omnichannel engagement with direct mail marketing automation

Bridge the gap between physical and digital marketing by adding direct mail to your automation programs with an easy-to-use channel node. Define which audiences will receive the mailers and based on the nature of your program, send mailings in batches, or trigger them individually to deliver highly relevant content at the right time.

04 Direct Mail Launch Fast And Within Budget With Optimized Direct Mail Templates 

Launch fast and within budget with optimized direct mail templates

Save time with an agile interface that guides marketers through campaign setup. Upload content and create campaigns quickly from a wide range of templates, such as postcards, catalogues, letters, and flyers. Easily create content variations to run insightful A/B tests, view campaign costs up front, then schedule when to send.

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