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Understand and optimize the customer journey online, offline and on-the-go with Google integrations for web, mobile, ads and analytics.

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Hero Google Integrations

Expand your Omnichannel Marketing Capability with Emarsys + Google 

Surface data that shows how your customers engage with your website and app, incorporate Web Push into customer journeys, enable deeper segmentation and more with Emarsys + Google integrations.

Understand how your site and app users engage with content.
Develop custom apps and engage with personalized push notifications.
Ingest streaming data in real-time to respond to customer engagement in the moment.
Use first-party data to optimize reach and conversion of search and display ads.

Google Ads

Match Emarsys contacts to Google accounts to unlock additional reach and optimize targeting to specific individuals across Google search and display, Gmail and YouTube.

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Google Analytics

Accelerate time to value with the Emarsys and Google Analytics (GA) integration which can be setup with a simple, one-time configuration. Enrich your customer data with web behavior captured by GA, then personalize and trigger campaigns using GA events to drive customer engagement.

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Google Chrome

Seamlessly incorporate push messaging into customer journeys using the Emarsys Web Push capability to send personalised push notifications and reminders to the browsers.

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Google BigQuery

Gain a competitive advantage by responding to business events in real-time with event-driven analysis. Automatically ingest streaming data to make it immediately available to query and drive deeper segmentation.

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Google Firebase

Incorporate mobile apps seamlessly into user journeys. Scale custom app development with Firebase and use the Emarsys Mobile SDK to send personalised push notifications, in-app messages, product recommendations, and to enable unified data collection.

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Google Wallet

Google Wallet and Emarsys enable marketers to connect digital and physical consumer experiences by simplifying the usage of vouchers, coupons, and loyalty passes for consumers, making them more loyal to the brand.

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Google Pub/Sub

The integration between Google Pub/Sub and Emarsys provides a scalable, flexible and reliable way to connect different business events to Emarsys. It works as a low-latency middleware to the systems used by Emarsys for efficient extraordinary event handling.

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Transform the app development process with Flutter – Google’s UI toolkit for building, testing and deploying beautiful, natively compiled applications for iOS and Android devices from a single codebase across web, mobile and desktop.

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