Power Up Your Holiday Customer Engagement Strategy

Learn the omnichannel marketing strategies used by top brands to cut through the noise, reach more customers, and drive growth & revenue during the holidays.

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Build A Holiday Strategy That Delivers Growth & Revenue

Skip the whimsical holiday inspiration guides, and get down to brass tacks. 

Here you’ll find expert research and actionable 1:1  omnichannel marketing strategies used by real-life brands to drive customer growth and revenue during the critical holiday shopping season… and beyond.

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The Omnichannel Guide to Revenue-Driving Holiday Customer Engagement

Get 8 proven omnichannel marketing tactics used by today’s top brands to drive customer engagement, loyalty, and revenue before, during, and after the holiday season.


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The Holiday Edge: Actionable Shopping Insights for Black Friday Week

Get data-based insights and practical strategies to help you understand consumers and increase engagement during this Black Friday and throughout the entire holiday season.


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Holiday Strategies In Action

Driving Upsells By Personalizing the Checkout Experience

— Nimesh Shah, 
Marketing Director, Feel Good Contacts

Anthropologie’s Key to Creating a Winning Holiday Strategy

— Elizabeth Preis,
CMO, Anthropologie

“We think about [an] integrated omnichannel strategy, not one [channel] or the other. It’s about how they all work together, whether it’s our marketing channels or our distribution channels, so that, ultimately, we can be where the customer is… and meet them in a really impactful way across our different touchpoints.”

Quote Clientlogo Glossier Kyle Leahy, CEO, Glossier

Customer Lifecycle Automation Drives Revenue for French Connection

— Kelly Priest,
eCommerce & Digital Marketing Manager,

French Connection

How Adore Beauty Integrated Channels to Improve the Customer Journey

— Miranda Bliss,
Head of Loyalty and Retention, Adore Beauty

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