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The customer engagement platform that gives more power to leading brands and marketers

From unifying sales, product, and transactional data to enabling AI-powered personalization and orchestrating sophisticated cross-channel campaigns — find out why tens of thousands of marketers from the world’s most innovative brands have chosen Emarsys to drive revenue and accelerate business outcomes.

02 Explore Platform Ai Marketing 

AI Marketing

Use advanced calculations, predictive algorithms and generative AI models to anticipate, automate, and personalize every customer interaction.

03 Explore Platform Personalization


Enrich customer data and segments with AI, turn insights into action, and deliver what customers want, when they want it.

Hero Integrated Data Layer

Customer Data

Connect customer, sales, and product data to business intelligence to increase IT efficiencies, power personalization, and accelerate campaign execution.

04 Explore Platform Marketing Automation 

Marketing Automation

Execute simple, single-channel campaigns, or create sophisticated, cross-channel journeys, at scale.

05 Explore Platform Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Marketing

Deliver consistent, relevant messaging across email, web, mobile, ads, and more — engaging customers wherever they are.

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08 Explore Platform Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty

Actively engage customers and keep them coming back with personalized loyalty programs and experiences.

07 Explore Platform Strategies And Tactics

Strategies and Tactics

Focus your marketing strategies and execute rapidly with pre-built tactics — best practice, fully customizable journeys built within the platform — that are ready to deploy out-of-the-box.

06 Explore Platform Reporting And Analytics

Reporting and Analytics

Use purpose-built dashboards and reports, enhanced by AI, to measure and predict campaign performance and customer outcomes. Optimize engagement based on cross-channel insights without needing a dedicated analytics team.

09 Explore Platform Tech Integrations

Technology Integrations

Accelerate your business outcomes with our broad ecosystem of world-class, certified partner extensions.

Personalize omnichannel engagement to build loyalty and
grow customer lifetime value