Hero Consumer Products

Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform for Consumer Packaged Goods

Build and retain a database of active, engaged, high-value consumers

Collect and activate first-party data across every channel using an integrated, connected solution. Create personalized experiences that drive customer engagement, build loyalty, and accelerate business results.

The omnichannel customer engagement platform of choice for leading consumer packaged goods brands

Meet consumer demand, deliver automated 1:1 digital-first experiences, and drive profitable growth

Customer Data Cross Channel Lifetime Value Capability

Unify your product, sales, and customer data

Review Trust Consumer Relationship Loyalty Solution

Attract more consumers, faster

Money Waste Spend Unprofitable Solution

Reduce wasted ad spend on unprofitable audiences

01 Consumer Products Grow First Party Data Drive Latent Revenue And Acquire New Consumers

Acquire new consumers and grow first-party data

Build and grow a database of engaged, high-value consumers and activate your data to maximize engagement and capitalize on revenue opportunities. By combining your product, sales, and customer data, Emarsys helps consumer products marketers acquire new customers, re-engage and retain existing ones, and drive predictable, profitable growth.

02 Consumer Products Build Meaningful Connections With Dynamic Segmentation

Build meaningful connections with dynamic segmentation

Segment consumers based on lifecycle stage, real-time online behavior, and historical data. Deliver more impactful 1:1 content and offers that anticipate their needs, reduce churn, and boost sales. Use your most engaged segments and look-alike audiences to uncover a constant stream of new consumers with smart ad targeting.

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03 Consumer Products Improve Efficiency And Impact With Cross Channel Marketing Automation

Improve efficiency and impact with cross-channel marketing automation

Easily target consumers across multiple channels and geographies with out-of-the-box marketing and transactional automations, ready to launch in just a few clicks. Encourage first purchases, win the second purchase, and increase lifetime value with flexible AI-powered automations that deliver the content consumers want, when they want it.

04 Consumer Products Turn First Time Customers To Loyal Repeat Buyers With 1 1 Personalization

Turn first-time customers to loyal, repeat buyers with 1:1 personalization

Create and execute personalized campaigns that increase engagement, drive repeat purchases, and grow customer loyalty. Emarsys gives consumer products marketers the power to build sophisticated and scalable cross-channel customer journeys that span the entire customer lifecycle, from initial interactions to post-purchase experiences and beyond.

05 Consumer Products Demonstrate The Revenue Impact Of Your Marketing Activities

Demonstrate the business impact of your marketing activities

Prove the revenue contribution of your campaign personalization efforts with a dedicated Strategic Dashboard. Track campaign performance down to specific lifecycle stages and customer segments, and leverage AI-powered insights and analytics for more insightful business decisions.

Personalize omnichannel engagement to build loyalty and
grow customer lifetime value