Developer Resources

Access developer resources to help you integrate Emarsys into your tech stack and execute sophisticated omnichannel campaigns across the full customer lifecycle.

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Hero Developer Resources 

Expand your Omnichannel Customer Engagement Capabilities with Developer Resources

Emarsys Developer Resources enable customers and partners to confidently integrate and drive more value with Emarsys. 

Developer Portal

Connect and extend Emarsys using our Open APIs. Find all the details and specifications of our API sets as well as documentation for Web Extend, our data collection module.

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01 Developer Resources Developer Portal

Data Connectors

Use Zero-ETL connectors to connect your own databases to Emarsys. Our supported connectors allow you to use available data to create segments or populate personalization variables.

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02 Developer Resources Data Connectors 

Open Data

Query and export all the customer engagement, behavior and response data that you have stored in your Emarsys account with Open Data.

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Developerresources Img 03 Opendata

External Content

Use your own APIs to personalize content. Call your API endpoints to access external data to personalize campaign content for email, web and SMS.

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04 Developer Resources External Content 


Connect your web and mobile application with the Emarsys SDKs. By incorporating the SDK in your app, we support you in tracking customer activity in your web and mobile apps.

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05 Developer Resources Sdks 

Onboarding Documentation

Explore detailed documentation to understand all aspects of the onboarding journey from account creation, through to integration, and getting started with the Emarsys Customer Engagement Platform.

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SAP Connectors

Connect with SAP solutions to create scalable personalized omnichannel experiences that strengthen retention and increase conversion.

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07 Developer Resources Sap Connectors

Omnichannel Connectors

Connect with best-in-class solutions that support your brand’s needs in commerce, data, marketing, channels and content.

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08 Developer Resources Omnichannel Connectors

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You can track our ongoing deployment of new features, as well as share your thoughts and questions with us and your peers. 

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